Translation vs. Transcreation: What is Best for Your Requirement?

Translation vs. Transcreation: What is Best for Your Requirement?

As the significance of local languages continues to grow, the need for various linguistic services will also keep increasing. The most basic of all linguistic services is translation, which, as we all know, involves converting text from one language to another. When localized well to the needs of the local market, translations help you connect with the regional audience and strengthen your market position.

However, sometimes translations do not help you cut through the competition. You need something more creative, innovative, and compelling. It is here that transcreation comes into the picture.

What is Transcreation?

Transcreation is a combination of translation and creation. Some people also refer to it as creative translation. So, as the words creative translation and as the combination suggests, transcreation involves recreating the original text in the target language, while retaining the meaning, the impact, and at the same time, cultural appropriateness to resonate with the needs of the local audience.

Transcreation is a lengthy and complicated process that puts the translator’s abilities to the test. It requires a thorough understanding of what a particular sentence, when creatively translated to the other language, will mean, and how it will appear. So, in transcreation, the transcreated message may use entirely different words, without changing the meaning, and the context.

Now, translations vs. transcreation. Which one is the best? Tagging anyone as the best does not help, as it narrows your scope. Using only one of these processes anytime, and every time affects the outcome and the subsequent impact. The solution to this concern is to understand the needs of the target audience and identify the process that results in a product that appropriately matches the context.

When to use Translations?

Translations demand fluency in the target language. They may not involve the creative aspect, as the job is to convert text from one language to the other while sticking closely to the original message.

Translations prove useful or applicable while translating websites, web applications, mobile applications, and formal messages. Apart from these, other examples of translations include the conversion of a legal text, user instructions, training manuals, medical text conversion, technical documents, etc. All these documents require contextually and culturally appropriate translations to help the users understand the intent and the meaning of the text.

Translations save time, and the effort in comprehending a message originally published in an unknown language, or unfamiliar language. Appropriate and accurate translations with the highest concerns for user experience and linguistic correctness help brands connect with the native audience and thus build the foundation for a sustainable business venture. Besides, it helps users make informed decisions, understand the message in their language, and better.

When to use transcreation?

Now, when to use transcreation? Well, it all depends on how impactful, creative, and catchy you want your message to appear, and also what kind of audience you are looking forward to targeting. Transcreation messages are mostly used in the case of marketing translation. The reason being marketing is a subjective activity. It is an art, and hence, engages creativity for product promotion.

Marketing translations often require content creators to change or modify words, phrases to match with the local needs, and culture and convey the intended message. Transcreation is far from transliteration, as the words that content creators use in the transcreation product hold very little or, in some cases, no resemblance. But still, they convey the necessary message, and connect!

Although the resultant message in transcreation appears distinct, it is aligned with the original message. Therefore, transcreations work best in the case of marketing translations. As everything begins from a strong and resonating message, transcreations constitute an essential part of the company’s marketing strategy that intends to win the local market.

In a nutshell, as a powerful marketing tool, transcreation proves useful when the content involves idioms, humor, taglines, region-specific phrases, local branding, wordplay, etc.

The Sensitive Nature of Transcreation

Transcreation is a sensitive process owing to the word and sentence twists that it involves. Hence, the resources you employ in the transcreation process must have a comprehensive understanding of the local market, language, dialects, cultural sensitivities, phrases, words, etc. The slightest of mistake here and there may disappoint the target users, and therefore prove disastrous for the business.

Hence, you must make the appropriate choice based on the context. At times, you may require a combination of these services based on the message you intend to deliver. For instance, in some projects involving formal and marketing content, you need a service provider that offers translations and transcreation services. Is there such a provider? Yes, there is!

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