The need for Website and Application Localization for Your Indian Market

The need for Website and Application Localization for Your Indian Market

With a staggering 129 million English speakers, India ranks second to the United States in terms of the number of English-speaking people.

So, when we speak about virtual content, ideally, English should lead the number of internet users, isn’t it? The fact is, it used to be the leading language of the internet in India. But it was only until the beginning of this decade. In around 2014, the situation started changing!

The penetration of the internet and its awareness in the interiors of the country resulted in the rise of the number of local language internet users, and the number surpassed that of English ones in 2016.

So, according to, in 2016, India had approximately 175 million English language internet users, and about 234 million Indian language internet users.

However, with the ever-growing use of the internet across the country’s interiors, the number of Indian language internet users is only going to increase.

As per, by 2021, while the number of English internet users will only climb to 199 million, the number of their regional counterparts will increase to a whopping 536 million.

For an average business person, these facts may only constitute numbers and statistics. But the smart and visionary business owners will sense business opportunities out of these transformations.

It is because these figures point at one thing, and that’s localization. They refer to localizing websites and web content to reach out to and tap the ever-increasing number of Indian regional internet users. In simple words, these numbers indicate the enormous potential for business in India’s interiors.

Now, that’s with numbers, though. Besides numbers, what are the reasons that constitute the need for localization of website and application in the Indian market? Keep reading to explore the answer.

5 Reasons why you must Localize your Website and Application to win the Indian Market

Language is the most powerful of all the modes of human communication. Nothing connects you as much as speaking the language of the native market, and local people do. And, considering the growing number of regional language internet users in the country, localizing your website and apps becomes imperative to sustain competition in the long run.

1. Languages help you win User Trust in India

India has over 22 recognized languages, including Hindi , Bengali , Marathi , Punjabi, Telugu , Malayalam, Dogri , Kashmiri, Gujarati, and others. Besides, there are approximately 20,000 languages spoken by Indian people as their mother tongue, and which is why India is easily one of the most linguistically diverse countries of the world.

Every city and region in India speak a different language, and languages play a significant role in helping you win the trust of the regional market. For instance, if you talk Punjabi in Punjab, the person, regardless of whether an English speaker or not, will instantly connect with you. Similarly, a Tamilian will connect with you better if you speak in Tamil with him!

Brands that speak the local Indian languages stand a better chance of succeeding in the country’s diverse markets than those that don’t and stick to a unilingual strategy that limits their business to only the urban markets.

2. People Resonate with Brands that speak their language.

Imagine, a Marathi speaker from someplace in the interiors of Maharashtra, trying to deal with a website published in English – a language that he may have never come across! The website or application that he is trying to use will only annoy him, let alone resonating with his needs.

Now, imagine when the same website or application is localized in Marathi to match his needs, with all the information he needs, translated in the localized form of Marathi. How will it work?

It is quite apparent that such a website will work better and help him better. It will enable him to make better decisions and simplify and personalize the web content experience for him. He is likely to recommend the website or the application to his friends, thereby growing the brand’s network.

3. India Goes Local! Users Trust Local Brands

India, as one of the fastest-growing economies, has always professed the significance of buying local brands, and strengthening the nation’s economy by supporting local makers, and local suppliers.

Besides, the government’s efforts to go local, especially in the view of the Covid-19 pandemic, are very likely to gain momentum through the increased sale of Indian products.

In such a situation, brands that turn local through a comprehensive and visionary language strategy have a higher chance of succeeding in the Indian markets. As websites form a critical part of every business, every brand that looks forward to growing in India must begin with localizing the site and application to ensure that it aligns itself with India’s endeavors to go local.

4. Localization works Well for the Brand that does it.

Localization doesn’t only work to the advantage of the users but also proves beneficial for the brand that does it. Localized websites enjoy enhanced rankings on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo provided the localization is SEO-compliant. Such sites rank when the user searches for them on the search engines in the local language, or through voice search.

As a result, there’s an increase in website traffic, a rise in the number of quality prospects, followed by an increase in the number of lead conversions. So, a single action proves beneficial in many different ways to the business that understands its significance and does it.

5. Users Trust Local Brands

A lot may argue that it is global brands that work well in India, rather than the local ones. That’s true but in the case of the urban markets. Travel to the interiors of the country, and even today, you find people trusting and using local brands. One of the many reasons for that kind of trust is the language that the local brand speaks. The same is the case with a brand’s website.

Avid regional internet users of India, who prefer reading web content in their language, trust websites that speak their language. Using the website, and transacting with the company gradually turns into a habit for them, and that’s how you develop brand loyalty.

Say, for instance, in the case of an eLearning company, language matters the most – especially when the company wants to expand in the interiors of India, where a regular school or college education is yet a far-fetched dream.

If the eLearning website does not have content in the region’s language, the students from that particular region may not prefer learning through the website. But, if the eLearning website has the language of that area as an option and that, too, in the localized form of the language, the website will soon become a hit among the students, as they will start trusting it.

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Filose works with a range of companies, including banks, eLearning service providers, automobile companies, manufacturing companies, healthcare providers, logistics, and many others.

The company continues to deliver exceptional results in the form of comprehensively localized websites and applications to suit the linguistic needs of the local users, and connect with them in the best possible manner.


Remember, when it comes to India, language is the most effective weapon. If you don’t speak the region’s language, you don’t connect. But, if your brand and website speak multiple languages, you have a higher chance of succeeding! It is as simple!

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