Speech Recognition: Partner with the Best Language Service Providers for Support

Speech Recognition: Partner with the Best Language Service Providers for Support

In regards to speech to text and text to speech, the capability to train machines on processing text and speech in multiple languages proves a significant advantage. It is useful, especially when companies are developing strategies to leverage regional languages to gain ground in the respective markets.

In this view, your role as a speech recognition partner proves crucial. However, given the increasing importance of regional languages, the urge to go local, and the demand for multilingual text to speech, and speech to text devices, you cannot rely on or facilitate speech recognition in a single language. You need a multilingual service provider to fulfill the needs of your regional users.

The Need to go Multilingual and Integrating Multilingual Capabilities in Devices

Language has always been the most powerful medium for connecting with people. Nothing proves as advantageous, sustainable, and quick as languages when it comes to establishing long-lasting relationships with people. In the business world, appropriately leveraging it proves useful in driving prospects towards your brand and effective enough in influencing their buying decisions.

Lately, and particularly in the past five years, local languages in India and worldwide have grown substantially. In India, by 2021, the number of regional language internet users will surpass the English ones, and which is why business owners must consider going multilingual.

Local languages are rapidly growing on various other fronts as well. In the case of voice assistants and other speech recognition devices, consumers are increasingly demanding local language support. They need linguistic assistance to enjoy seamless and native interactions in their languages with the device.

One of the recent examples in this regard is a user asking to include Punjabi language support in the voice assistant of a reputed service provider. In such a situation, depending on English alone doesn’t prove useful, and it isn’t sustainable either. It restricts your user base and doesn’t align your efforts with the futuristic needs and demands of the consumer world.

It isn’t that people are drifting away from English. But the idea of enjoying personalized user experience encourages them to demand native language support. Besides, it helps companies create a broader outreach for their product and penetrate regional markets. So, companies aiming at capturing regional markets cannot ignore the significance of local languages, and cannot win local users without them.

For you, as a speech recognition service provider, it is here that partnering with a language service provider proves critical. It helps you enable your clients to provide a personalized user experience to their users on the language front. Working with a language service provider allows you to facilitate multiple language support. It enables users to use the speech recognition technology and devices such as voice assistants in their language.

Filose – The Multilingual Language Service Provider of Speech Recognition Service Companies

As one of the leading language service providers in the world, Filose comes with years of experience and evolved expertise in linguistics and linguistic technology to help speech recognition companies empower their clients with multilingual capabilities.

Filose specializes in over 100 Indian and foreign languages, and it has the necessary linguistic technological muscle to train machines on speech in various languages.

The company’s in-house capabilities include linguistic resources in the form of the human workforce, and technology to ensure extensive capabilities when it comes to the speech recognition understanding of the machine involved, and response accuracy.

Filose can train machines on recognizing speech and can help them respond to various Indian and foreign languages, thereby providing comprehensive linguistic support. If you are a speech recognition company looking forward to partnering with an experienced language service provider, Contact to Filose’s experts on +91-20-49007800 or email to sales@filose.com

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