The National Language Translation Mission

The National Language Translation Mission (NLTM) Initiative to Foster Local Language Content Development

In view of the growing significance and the online use of vernacular languages in India, coupled with the need to grow awareness about governance-and-policy in Indian languages, the government plans to set up National Language Translation Mission (NLTM). Filose, one of the leading worldwide translation service providers from India, welcomes this inclusive step.

The Need for National Language Translation Mission (NLTM)

The extensive outreach of the internet across tier 2, tier 3, and the rural parts led to the growth of internet users across the country. As a result, the past few years have witnessed a sharp rise in the use of regional Indian languages on the internet. These users from the interiors of the country look forward to reading internet-based content in their language, and which signifies the need for an initiative that supports the need to make regional language content extensively and readily available to local language internet users.

Additionally, the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown further accelerated the growth of regional internet users. As a result, many companies and government agencies have started providing services and content in regional languages. One of the significant examples concerning this is Google’s new language-centric features across various platforms such as Maps, Lens, and Search. Many start-ups, too, have ventured into the local language territory to leverage the growing dominance of regional Indian languages online.

Accordingly, the announcement of the NLTM has come in at the right time. FM Sitharaman states, “We will undertake a new initiative – National Language Translation Mission (NLTM). This will enable the wealth of governance-and-policy related knowledge on the internet being made available in major Indian languages”. So, the objective of this mission is to clearly foster a better understanding of government policies and governance within the chunk of non-English speaking internet users. It can further pave the way for better and informed decision-making, especially among farmers, rural traders, entrepreneurs, and the general population.

The Projected Benefits of NLTM

Some of the projected results of NLTM include,

  • A boost to the regional language initiatives
  • Foster the translation of science and technology-related content, currently available only in English
  • Augment access to digital content a broader demographic of Indian users
  • Help regional internet users with a better understanding of the content, and leverage it to their benefit
  • Increase the demand for full-time and freelancing Indian language translators

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