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How Multilingual Customer Service Can Help You Reach a Wider Audience?

Did you know that 68-70 percent of customers stay loyal to a brand providing customer support in their language? Yes. While buying exclusively from you, loyal customers also serve as your potential brand ambassadors spreading the word about your business and allowing you to broaden your customer base. Now, although crucial, that’s only one aspect. Let’s see the various ways in which multilingual customer service can contribute to a company’s quest to penetrate regional markets and widen the business horizon.

5 Ways Multilingual Customer Service Can Broaden Your Outreach

Let’s look at five significant ways a company can enter various other markets with multilingual customer service.

1. Increased Search Engine Visibility with Multilingual SEO

Building a multilingual website and optimizing it for local language keywords, looks, and feels may go hand-in-hand with multilingual SEO. Per reports, multilingual websites can reach 70-75 percent more internet users who don’t have English as their primary language! A number as much as 75 percent is undoubtedly massive enough for any business. Besides, having a multilingual website can also help you enhance your digital visibility for local searches and reach a broader regional audience.

2. Augmented App Store Visibility for Local Searches

Another significant aspect of multilingual support is providing a multilingual mobile application. Did you know that a multilingual or localized application can increase the number of downloads per country by nearly 130 percent? Increased downloads refer to a broader business surface area. We think that says it all! So, if you don’t want to miss out on such a gigantic business potential, you should localize your mobile app and take multilingual customer service to the next level!

3. Positive Online Feedback

Users usually ignore filling out feedback forms or reviews, even if it is a matter of seconds for them. However, some make the effort to pen a review about a brand’s customer service. Multilingual customer service is a vital element capable of driving positive feedback among customers. A positive review or favorable feedback on Google can contribute to a brand’s search engine rankings and take it closer to becoming more visible. Again, increased visibility can help amplify a company’s market acquisition effect.

4. Delightful Multilingual Conversations with Chatbots

Gone are those days when multilingual conversations required companies to hire multilingual service agents. Back then, businesses did not have an option but to do that. And it also proved beneficial to some extent. However, later, the long wait times started frustrating customers. Such customers are deterred from interacting with a brand or buying anything from it. But not anymore!

Companies now have the option to deploy multilingual chatbots that deliver instant, accurate, and human-like responses to customers. Besides, when powered with AI-ML, these chatbots can provide intelligent responses and learn and evolve with every interaction, thus making each one an even more delightful one. So, no more waiting, unless a user has an exceptional concern requiring human intervention.
These efforts can result in positive feedback, more conducive reviews, enhanced brand journeys, and positive word of mouth.

5. Strategic Edge with Personalized Multilingual Support

Given that the importance of languages will only increase with time, multilingual support will become an aspect of strategic significance to businesses. For many buyers worldwide, price isn’t the decision-driving factor. They are willing to pay more, provided they receive personalized support and service per or at least close to their expectations. Multilingual customer service is one of them. With a reputation for personalized and empathetic multilingual support in a particular market, a company may be able to make a grand entry into another and acquire new customers more rapidly.

Unlocking Market Segments with Filose’s Multilingual Support!

The increasing significance of regional languages and the need for personalization are together contributing to the importance of multilingual customer service. Of course, that involves walking the extra mile to deliver phenomenal customer experiences and proliferate their market presence. However, doing so can help reap higher returns, especially when combined with the company’s core marketing efforts to strengthen its market presence.

If you are prepared to make that additional effort, Filose one of the leading multilingual support companies is here to help you in your endeavor. Our exceptional technological capabilities and expertise in over 100 Indian and foreign languages can help you earn the linguistic and strategic edge and contribute to your efforts in multiplying your presence across various markets. Our multilingual support covers building multilingual websites, AI-driven chatbots, multilingual mobile apps, etc. Please email us at to discover how we can help catalyze multilingual support in fulfilling your business expansion aspirations.

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