Leveraging Asia for Localization – Filose at SlatorCon 2022

Leveraging Asia for Localization – Filose at SlatorCon 2022

SlatorCon Remote 2022 took place on 16th March 2022. The conference witnessed the gathering of leaders, decision-makers and localization professionals. This insightful event attracted audiences interested in Localization, Translation, Transcription, NLP, Media conversion, Subtitling, Voice over.

Filose- Fidel Localization Services conducted a session with group discussion on “Leveraging Asia (with India Focus) for Engineering and Project Management”. This discussion participated by Mr. Sunil Kulkarni, CEO-Filose, Mr. Mandar Inamdar, COO-Filose along with Mr. Andrew Smart, Commercial Director of Slator. Discussion led to a thorough explanation of the localization industry’s growth in India and Asian countries.

The important points discussed in this session are,
• Technology included in the localization process can speed up translation delivery,
• Asia is growing market for Localization
• How Filose can support Localization Project Management
• Using technical skills of Localization team for data analysis using Python
• E-learning and development applications, in particular, technology to be combined with a solid localization process for agreement, training, and acquisition.
• Japan being considered to be a resilient localization market, but offers countless opportunities for companies and LSPs.

All in all, it was an extremely insightful session to understand the Localization industry for Engineering and Project Management. These experts shared some valuable experiences and knowledge which was greatly beneficial for the viewers. It was a successful event.

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