Job for fresher – in Localization industry

Job for fresher – in Localization industry!

For those who think they are proficient in two or more languages, but they are not aware that this is a basic requirement or a skillset for an industry – have you ever checked for possible scope in Localization industry? Localization industry has developed over last decade and is continuously finding new and better ways to ease complex localization processes with various technics.

Now those who think translation is a synonym for localization, we would like to correct you there. Although localization is kind of translation in broader sense, it does not always has to be so. Therefore, confining this industry to “book translation” would be an understatement.

In old days, translation was known in terms of ‘book translation’ further ‘legal matter translation’ that’s it! Later, it became a segment in KPO (Knowledge Processing Industry) industrial sector.

In present days Localization has become an integral part of Globalization and is outgrown of its parent scope of Translation and has come to be recognized as an independent industry involving Translation, Transcreation, Globalization, Transcription, Interpretation, DTP, Voiceover and Sub-titling.

This may be one of the few industries that offer equal job scope to a person having basic education with good understanding of English as well as to well-educated person with technical background. Unlike other industries this industry offers unconditional vertical to everyone involved in any aspect of translation thereby proving huge scope for career development to a broad demographic.

Now with artificial intelligence the industry is concurring all industries and industrial segments where multiple language or bi-language business accrues.

With hundreds of language pairs, hundreds of domains, hundreds of potential markets, hundreds of softwares, tools and technics this may be an only industry that requires all levels of skillsets and supports any level of skillset. If you are confident to build your career in this industry no matter what your field of education is there are people to guide you and nurture your skills.

Find new horizons to learn, practice and enhance knowledge in different domains, new tools and technology to add to your arsenal of skillsets. Your enhanced knowledge will help you to understand market trends and industry specific interests to find direction to achieve your desired targets.

If you think you got enough insight to find scope to enhance your skills and make betterment to your lifestyle, you are welcome Fidel Softech Pune Office. We are looking for young talent to join us in our Localization Department as Translator.

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