How Language Localization Partners can support your Global Business Growth?

How Language Localization Partners can support your Global Business Growth?

About a decade ago, when people spoke about global business growth, the strategy involved giving the brand, the products, web content, and marketing collaterals a global feel. In those days, the idea was to globalize the brand, and at which, a lot of companies were very successful.

Back then, regional languages or the native language of the target country weren’t as crucial elements to the global success of the business. What mattered on the linguistic front was how competitive, compelling, and catchy the English content on your website is.

But, the last five years have been a crucial game-changer. The steady rise of local language internet users has contributed to the significance of languages apart from English during the past three to four years. And, the number continues to increase at a very rapid rate!

In simple words, local languages have become critical to the success of every business. Hence, every company that plans to go global must adopt a multilingual approach to increase the likelihood of success. Precisely, the approach is termed language localization.

Language localization proves beneficial in various ways. It is because over 70% of consumers prefer buying a product with information in their language, and approximately the same number of people prefer reading websites that support their language. Also, slightly over 56% of consumers consider the provision of information in the native language a more decisive factor for them than the price.

But language localization isn’t as apparent as it may seem. Often, a lot of business owners, perhaps, in a hurry to cut through the competition, save money and establish a local market presence, use machine translation tools. Such an approach and practice seldom work, and even if they do, they do not necessarily bring sustainable results.

Language localization is a critical concern. It involves overcoming a range of linguistic challenges and technical concerns. It demands being careful on regional linguistic variations, and cultural sensitivities while translating the content and matching the content needs of the native audience.

Hence, as a sensible and visionary business owner, you should look at the big picture. Dealing with language localization all on your own may limit the local market penetration of your brand. Hence, you must hire a language localization partner that supports your global business venture in various ways through the most accurate and appropriate localization services.

Let us take a look at how language localization partners can support your global business expansion plan, and in a way, help you strengthen your position as a local brand.

5 Ways in which Language Localization Partner Support Global Business Growth

Language localization is a single, yet multi-dimensional step, and the fact that languages connect better than anything else, make it even more impacting for businesses eyeing global markets. Let us discuss the five ways an experienced language localization partner can support your global business expansion plan.

1. Translate Website Content Accurately

Today, when people hear about your brand for the first time, they don’t wander on the streets searching for your office but check your website.

In such a situation, and especially in a non-English speaking market, the presence of local language content on your website helps you establish an instant connection with the user. So, website translation is one of the most crucial aspects.

Hiring the best and the most experienced language localization partner helps you linguistically, culturally, and technically the most accurate translations.

Besides, language localization service providers (LSP) take care of regional variations, script differences, and their impact on the layout of the translated website. As a result, you deliver a seamless website browsing and localized content experience to your local market prospects.

2. LSPs don’t limit Localization to Website Translations

Websites are a significant element of your business, but not the only one. Of course, in the modern age, everything starts with the website. But things don’t end there.

While entering a new market, and thriving in it, you need a language strategy that entails the facilitation of technical and culturally correct local language content for various other documents. Besides, the regional linguistic variations also matter while attempting to connect with the local audience. Hiring an LSP proves beneficial in this regard.

LSPs don’t limit their localization expertise to websites. They help you translate a range of other documents. It includes business documents, records, statements, contracts, agreements, social media campaigns, marketing collaterals, training manuals, user instruction manuals, catalogs, brochures, user forms, etc. The list varies based on the business the LSP serves.

Localizing all the above documents is another way of penetrating the local market, and comforting local users, associates, employees, and consumers. The comfort and convenience factor that LSPs help you create through comprehensive localization, in a way, pave the way to a successful, and mutually fruitful business association with the local market elements.

3. Localization with LSPs Improves SEO

Globally, the increasing number of local language internet users makes optimizing web content for local language imperative. Hence, you cannot rely on basic translations that only intend to translate information, without generating any results or benefits for you, or your consumers.

LSPs, besides local language expertise, possess the commercial and strategic understanding of the business, knowledge about the local consumer psychology, culture, and buying habits. Besides, they have technological access to build a solid SEO strategy and to enhance search engine rankings.

The localization services they offer are SEO compliant and help you boost your local rankings through factors such as local language search, and voice search. The logic is simple. The better you rank on local searches, the more you penetrate the market, and the higher your chances of increasing sales!

So, make sure you hire an expert localization service provider with a comprehensive understanding of the existing market situation, consumer needs, and demands, along with what your business requires on the linguistic front to give you a competitive edge amidst the local competition.

4. LSPs Support Continual Localization

You cannot localize your content once and then do away with it. With time and business, the needs and demands of consumers as well evolve. In such a dynamic business environment, you must continue localizing your content across various aspects to ensure competence in the market.

One of the best examples is social media campaigns. Social media is a bustling space where trends speak, and almost everything revolves around them. While many competitors develop strategic social media campaigns that capitalize on the latest events and buying seasons, you cannot miss out on the associated opportunities.

It is here that LSPs support your business! Hiring an LSP helps you localize your social media campaigns, and content otherwise as well to help you leverage it in the right way and get leads.

Similarly, brochures, flyers, proposals, etc. demand regular upgrades and updates to make sure you keep your business aligned with the current market dynamics, and to do so, you need an LSP.

5. Establish Long Running Trust and Reputation

Now, that’s essential. Trends may come and go, consumer behaviors may change, and patterns may reappear and disappear. But trust, credibility, and reputation are factors that last long when worked upon in the right way since the beginning. They help you become a household name – a name that isn’t foreign, but the consumers’ own, and the one that understands the consumers well.

When it comes to language, critical, important, and significant are underrated words. Language transcends every other strategy and helps you build connections that foster business continuity, and maintain a conducive environment for your business in the long run.

But to make language work to your benefit, an LSP with a vision and the urge to help its customers grow their business in global markets must constitute your choice. Such an LSP supports your business in every possible way when it comes to linguistic benefits in a particular region.

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