Finding Multi-Language Data Labelling and Annotation Services

Finding Multi-Language Data Labelling and Annotation Services

Data labeling involves tagging data, which is in the form of objects, and text in images, and videos. Data labeling makes it recognizable and detectable to machines with the help of computer vision, or natural language processing algorithms. Usually, the data labeling process comprises added metadata, use tags to make the text compressive, and more meaning for the machines involved

Data annotation, on the other hand, makes the target object recognizable in the image to machines with the help of computer vision. It is used to train AI models by training the deep learning algorithm, learn and perceive various patterns that the annotation represents.

While dealing with a single language isn’t a challenge, working on multiples ones is. Hence, you need multi-language data labeling and annotation partner specializing in various languages, possessing the right technology, and working with precision and accuracy.

Finding one with all these essential attributes is quite a challenging task. Hence, this blog simplifies the task for you to a considerable extent. It discusses seven things to consider while choosing a multi-language data labeling and annotation company. Towards the end, it also acquaints you with the company that provides multilingual data labeling support for machine learning.

7 Factors to Consider while Choosing a Multi-Lingual Data Labeling and Annotation Company

The seven factors we are about to discuss, require some workaround at your end, and some on the prospective annotation company’s. Asking the right questions, and going step by step will help you settle with the best multilingual data labeling and annotation company suiting your requirement.

1. Know what you want, and Determine your Objective

Before you connect with a labeling and annotation vendor, ask yourself a few questions, including what you want from the company, what project you are going to handle, and why you need a data labeling and annotation partner?

Prepare a statement of work that specifies your objectives, expectations concerning the deliverables of your project. Do not forget to voice your expectations and concerns associated with scalability, project workflow, etc. It will enable you to create an outline of your requirements and help the vendor understand your needs better.

Initial, and hence crucial. Ensure that you give considerable thought to this step and revise it twice, thrice before discuss your project with the vendor.

2. Connect with Multiple Vendors at a Time

As far as possible, connect with multiple vendors at a time. It will help you compare various quotations at a time, know the competencies, and get to study the service propositions of numerous vendors at a time. Do not rely on a single service provider, as it will only narrow your scope, and you may miss on a potentially vital, less inexpensive, and quality proposal.

3. Evaluate the Prospective Company on Various Parameters

Besides cost, factors such as the data labeling and annotation company’s experience, reputation, credibility, overall understanding of the industry, and knowledge also matter.

So, begin with the company’s existing and past clients. Talk to them, and understand how well did the company fare with their projects, and what was their level of satisfaction. It will help you establish the credibility of the company.

Aside from that, check the experience of the organization. For instance, what kind of languages, and labeling and annotation projects did the company work before, etc. Considerable experience in your type of project or industry is even better. It will also help you the company’s understanding of the subject matter, and therefore aid in making you an informed and better decision.

4. Labeling and Annotation Tools and Technologies

One of the most significant benefits of outsourcing multilingual data labeling and annotation is the ready access to pre-built annotation tools and technology.

So, you don’t have to invest in creating your tools. But, make sure that the company’s existing annotation and labeling technology is efficient enough and optimizes the process of data annotation.

Remember, the purpose of outsourcing is to help you save money, time, and efforts. Hence, make sure your provider facilitates tools and technologies that enable you to make the necessary savings.

5. Quality of Results, Data Security, and Pricing

Data security and confidentiality is an essential concern. So, before you make a decision, ensure that you also discuss the security protocols. Your discussion must comprise of concerns such as confidentiality agreements within the network of annotators and labelers and how the company will protect your data during the process of labeling and annotation.

Needless to say, how important is quality. The performance and efficiency of your AI model significantly depend on the quality of your data. Hence, ensure that you evaluate the company’s quality control mechanisms. Also, remember to take an overview of the qualifications, experience, and skills of the annotators and labelers involved in the project.

Pricing proves another significant factor, as you are out to not only get the job done but also save a considerable amount of money, which you may otherwise incur in dealing with the task yourself. Ideally, in this regard, the vendor must not quote you a cost before a comprehensive review of the project.

6. Ask the Shortlisted Vendor to Work Out a Proof of Concept (PoC)

Get a PoC done with the shortlisted vendors to check the capabilities of each one of them. It will help you vet the abilities of everyone and further narrow down your list of vendors.

7. Multilingual Capabilities

Training the AI-based machine on multiple languages requires a multilingual vendor. So, apart from all the other technical skills, access, and capabilities, examine the vendor’s expertise in various languages, and if it includes the ones you want to train your machines on.

Choose Filose for Multilingual Data Labeling and Annotation Services

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