Fidel arranged webinar on Japanese language translation as a career

Fidel arranged webinar on “Japanese Language Translation as a Career”

Filose (Fidel Localization Services) team arranged webinar on the “Japanese Language Translation as a Career” on 17th February 2022. The webinar received very good response from students and professionals.

The webinar focused on the career opportunities in the Japanese language translation industry. Experts from the Localization and translation industries shared amazing insights and valuable experiences with the students.

The webinar was started by Rashi Desai (Manager – HR), where she gave introduction and spoke about achievements of Fidel.

The next session was by Avdhoot Joshi, Resource Manager, who gave a wonderful insight on localization and shared his personal experience through which the viewers got a lot of information on the localization industry trends.

Next topic was “Approach to Translation”, which was wonderfully explained by Sudha Avadhani, Assistant Vice President, and experienced professional in the localization. This helped students to gain a lot of insights about the translation industry and its significance in difference of quality in international content.

Then, Mr. Munehisa Suzuki, COO, Fidel Technologies KK, Japan, shared amazing observations on the “Attributes of a Professional Translator”. This helped the students to get motivated and be skilled learners of Japanese language. He shared his personal experience in order to set an example for students and indicate that Japanese language job opportunities have been growing and will continue to grow further in the future.

Leena Satpute, Program Manager of Localization team, gave “Introduction to Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools and Machine Translation (MT)”. She spoke about how technology comes in hand for language translation. She also advised Japanese language students to be tech-savvy, in this modern age of computer technology.

The speakers of this webinar, conducted by Fidel, provided a lot of unknown facts and information on the insights of this industry and the culture of Japan.

It was really beneficial for students who wanted to pursue a career in the Japanese Language Translation. Fidel helped them open their doors of career opportunities and growth in this industry.

Filose thanks everyone to make this webinar a great success and look forward to connect with participants. To know more about opportunities mail to


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