Choosing an Application Localization Partner for Your App Development Company

Choosing an Application Localization Partner for Your App Development Company

Selecting an application localization partner for your app development company gives you the edge over your competitors when it comes to winning the local market and getting more native users to download and use your application. All these efforts of yours lead to increased domestic sales.

But then, application localization is a complicated task. It involves localizing several factors such as videos, content, menus, image texts, the appearance of the application, and many others. Hence, you need an experienced, expert, and versatile app localization partner that localizes every relevant aspect of your application, and helps you leverage the benefits of app localization.

It requires you to evaluate the prospective localization company on a few essential parameters that help you make the right choice. So, if you are a company that wants to hire an app localization partner for your app development vendor, or if you are an app development company, this blog proves helpful. It compiles some tips to choose the best application localization company.

5 Benefits of App Localization

Of course, you know them. But then, let us consolidate so that you keep them in mind while discussing your localization needs with the prospective vendor. So, no matter your business, here are five app localization benefits, you must look forward to reaping with an app localization company.

1. Access to a Higher Number of Markets

The more you localize it keeping multiple markets in mind, the higher the market access you create for your business. Localization doesn’t limit you to a specific one or restricts you to yours. It expands the frontiers of your business. With such an approach, you can tap global business opportunities.

2. Increased User Trust and Local Credibility

An application that appears local establishes trust and credibility among the native app users. It stands a better chance of sustenance than the ones that look amazing, but don’t connect on the local level, as they don’t offer localized features to the target audience.

3. Competitive Advantage over your Peers

Remember, the market may comprise of several similar apps. Hence, apps that fail to shape according to user demands are likely to be shipped out. You don’t want that to happen in your case, do you? This is where localization proves beneficial. It gives your application the local competitive advantage – a strategy and benefits that your competitor may not necessarily have!

4. Increased Local Visibility across App Download Stores

An app that’s popular in Australia, or the United Kingdom, may not necessarily have the same search visibility, or as many downloads in the non-English speaking markets. It is because the owners haven’t localized the application to the local needs and demands of the users.

Amidst such a situation, a localized app with localized content, image, and descriptions provides a better chance of ranking locally on app stores such as Google Play. It works to your advantage, as you increase the app downloads across the local market.

5. Increased RoI and Regional Sales

App localization demands some investment in the initial stages. But then, the benefits that it brings to the table point towards a higher RoI (as high as 128% according to Distomo!, although factors such as market, app, company, business, competition, and the market play a significant role in determining the RoI) in the form of downloads. Further, the application, based on how competitive and engaging it is, may help you convert leads, and thus increase your regional sales.

6 Things to Consider before choosing the Best App Localization  Service  Provider

So, now that you know the benefits of app localization lets proceed to look at the things to consider while choosing the application localization partner. Outsourcing the app localization task to a professional app application localization company helps you save costs, time, and leverage the company’s experience to your benefit.

1. Translation Capabilities

The foremost factor to look for is the translation capabilities of the LSP. Check the number of translators, the linguistic skills, the number of languages the provider specializes in, the accuracy of translations through samples, etc. It will help you ensure accuracy on the linguistic front.

2. Experience in Application Localization

It isn’t that the newbies or individual providers are incapable, but then having an experienced LSP by your side proves advantageous on the multiple fronts, out of which, experience and service range are a couple. Especially if the project size is large, and the criticality is high.
So, check what all can the service provider localize. For instance, check whether the LSP can translate videos, and if yes, what all resources does it have to do so.

3. Technological and Technical Access and Expertise

On the one hand, where linguistic expertise and experience in app localization play a significant role, factors such as technical understanding, and technological access also prove essential.

Your LSP’s technological access is an element critical to the project’s pace, the accuracy of localization, and user experience, along with the app’s position across local searches. Checking its expertise on localizing Android, and iOS apps, for instance, proves vital before making a choice.

Besides, the LSP’s technical understanding of an industry also forms a crucial aspect. It is here that the provider’s experience of working with various industries proves advantageous. Proven expertise at localizing apps for your business is even better, as the LSP would already know what to do and what not to, and hence you won’t have to invest a lot of time in explaining your needs and expectations.

4. App Localization Package

Although not always as important as the quality, the cost is a crucial factor that drives your choice of the localization service provider. So, check if your prospective LSP offers flexible and customized app localization packages that suit your budget, but at the same time, fulfill your objectives.

5. Certifications

A company with an ISO certification assures the desired levels of quality. So, before making a choice, you must check whether the LSP has the necessary ISO certification or not. It will help you get a certain level of quality for the money you invest.

6. Availability and Resources

Whether you need an onshore team, or want an offshore unit, it is up to you. But, ideally, your prospective vendor must offer you both the choices. While an offshore unit proves logistically advantageous, an onshore team facilitates speedier communication. Gauge the feasibility and put forth your demand based on what suits you the best.

Besides, also evaluate the company’s localization resources, their qualifications, experience, and approach, along with their understanding of your business, and technological proficiency. If possible, interact with them before the commencement of the project, so that you get an idea of the people you may have to deal with after the project goes on the floors.

Filose – Your Comprehensive App Localization Partner

Amidst the crowd of app localization companies across the globe, Filose stands out with a difference. It comes with the necessary experience, technological expertise, and strategic understanding of app localization. Besides, it has the right resources, customized app localization packages, and the essential certifications to deliver the highest localization quality within your budget.

Filose’s proven track record in the localization business, expertise at translating apps into over 100 Indian and foreign languages altogether, and the experience of working for various industries across the business world make it the best choice for app localization.

Investments, while localizing your app, are inevitable. But what matters, in the long run, is the RoI you achieve. Filose does what your business demands from localization.

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