5 Benefits of Multilingual Content Marketing in Digital India

5 Benefits of Multilingual Content Marketing in Digital India

According to an article published in December 2018 in The Week, by 2021, India will have 536 million regional language internet users. The rapidly growing number of regional language internet users will soon outnumber those of the English language.

Reports suggest that Hindi, in particular, is slated to have the largest local language internet using chunk – 38%. Other languages, including Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, and Telugu, will constitute a considerable part of the rest.

So, in the future, you will see regional languages dominating the Indian virtual space. For a country that had English as its leading language, and only 42 million local language internet users until 2011, you must term such a growth, enormous!

But, knowing the statistics alone doesn’t suffice. These figures point at developing a strategy that helps you leverage the growing significance of Indian languages across the Indian internet space.

They refer to going local and multilingual with your business content to tap the ever-growing number of regional language internet users and gain ground in the country’s various local markets.

Of course, turning multilingual, and localizing your content to match the needs of the regional Indian audience demands significant investment and a carefully thought business strategy.

It involves researching various regional markets and accordingly developing a multilingual content marketing plan that aims at connecting with the target audience. A multilingual content strategy paves the way for sustainable success in the native market.

But success is the result of all these efforts, and the road to success goes through many other interim benefits that strengthen your foundation in the regional target market.

So, what are those benefits, and why should every business that intends to explore the native markets of India? Here’s a blog that answers these questions.

5 Advantages of Multilingual Content Marketing in Digital India

The internet continues to penetrate India’s interiors, helping the country move steadily and promisingly towards the goal of digitalization.

A lot of global eCommerce giants going local and introducing vernacular content across their apps, websites, and social media platforms is proof that regional languages are becoming increasingly essential in the modern digital environment. They are doing it with a purpose, and which is quite evident. It is to tap the massive business potential that lies within the interior markets of the country.

However, the key is to win sustainable business, without limiting yourself to capitalizing short term prospects driven by discounts, vouchers, and offers.

So, does a multilingual content marketing strategy serve the purpose? Let us proceed to find out the answer by looking at five benefits of a well-planned, well-executed, and a localized multilingual content marketing strategy in digital India.

1. Multilingual Content Connects Better

The growing number of regional language internet users in India indicates that people are more comfortable with reading content and interacting in their language than English. This is regardless of the fact, whether they know English, or they don’t.

The logic is straightforward. You connect with a person who speaks in your language more quickly than you would with someone who doesn’t. When you create native language content appropriately and localize it to meet the demands of your users, it immediately reaches the users’ hearts.

As a brand, initially and always, you must stay close to the heart of your users, as by doing so, you go beyond brand loyalty. You become a part of their lifestyle!

2. Overcome Linguistic Barriers

Language, if you don’t use it appropriately, and align yourself with it, can give way to opportunities. But, if you don’t, it can prove a barrier to communication, and therefore business.

Hence, multilingual content marketing plays a significant role. It helps you overcome linguistic and communication barriers, as you interact with people in their language, and which is something they appreciate. Seamless local language interaction creates better and sustainable business opportunities.

3. Your brand builds Trust among Potential Users.

Trust is something that transcends every barrier. When you trust a brand, you hardly care whether it is a domestic or a foreign company. But then, trust takes time to develop. A multilingual content marketing strategy, in this view, is the first step towards developing sustainable confidence.

Let us take the example of a regional internet user, perhaps, a farmer from somewhere in the interiors of India, from the southern state of Karnataka.

As an individual who has spent his entire life in the village, the farmer is unlikely to have come across English, barring a few general words. But he has accepted the internet as the way of life and started using it for business, and his routine needs. On the other hand, you are a fertilizer brand, and the farmer is in search of unique fertilizer for his crops.

Given the situation, you cannot expect the farmer to read and understand the English content that you’ve got on your website, no matter how amazing your product is.

So, on reaching your website, when the farmer does not find local language support or finds the content beyond his comprehension, he will close the site, and look for another alternative. As a result, you lose an opportunity, and the farmer may never trust you, let alone recommend you to his peers. You will always seem an alien brand to him.

But, if you’ve got multilingual localized content on your website, you stand a better chance of building trust among potential users. Of course, connecting is one factor. But essentially, you help your users make informed choices and decisions. You help them understand everything that you offer, and which is where people start resonating. They feel native and safe while dealing with your brand.

4. Multilingual content can influence People’s Buying Habits.

Online buying, or for that matter, even offline purchases are primarily driven by habit. People rush to a particular website when they hear about an offer, and when they think of buying something. It is because that website or that specific platform has become a habit for them.

Multilingual content in the form of the website content, applications, SMSs, videos, and social media content can help drive your prospective users’ buying habits.

It is all about getting it right the first time, but it is very challenging. It is because the competition is vast, and the timeframe is short. Localized content is something that helps in this regard.

A compelling localized social media advertisement, for instance, drives people to your website, as it encourages them to give your brand a try. An engaging localized campaign will make them look forward to your next ad and subscribe to your offers to stay updated.

So, if you win here, at the outset, people start looking at you as an alternative. Further, if you stay consistent with your efforts and content, you have a higher chance of outperforming your peers.

5. Multilingual Content Marketing helps Improve Search Engine Rankings.

The presence of multilingual content on your website helps you improve search engine rankings. The emergence of local language searches and voice search are factors proving momentous to local language content rankings. But you qualify for these benefits only if your local language content is authentic, SEO compliant, with translated metatags, and localized keywords

Improved local language search engine rankings translate into quality leads, increased rate of lead conversion, and eventually, as you know, increased business. Purpose served. But remember, that is a continual process. So, the key is to keep updating the content and stay competitive.

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